ROWO Herbal Sports Gel Sole Agent for Aust and NZ

Original Body Massage Stick

Original Body Massage Stick

Design for average body mass and standard flexibility

Size: 24 inch - 13 Oz

Colour: Blue

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The Stick is a dynamic-reactive instrument. Its mechanical features are designed to segmentally compress and stretch muscle;augmenting flow of body fluids. Several models are offered for your convenience.




- Clincal research started in early 1989

- Introduced to healthcare professionals in 1991

- Winner of the prestigious Medtrade Award for New Product Excellence - 1991

- Best Biomechanical Device awarded in 1994. 1995 . 1997

- Selected as official training device at the 1996 US Olympic Trials for Track & Field



You can address all major muscles. Effective on skin or through clothing. You will enjoy with or without a partner



The Stick delivers painless myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This procedure - known as Intracell Technology - induces the uptake of oxygen and nutrition. This process allows your muscles to feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster.



- Prevents & predicts muscle injuries

- Dramatically improves strength - flexibility - endurance

- Rapidly prepares muscles for physical activity

- Disperses the effects of lactic acid following activity

- Accelerates muscle recovery