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ROWO 2 Cold and Hot Compresses (12x29cm )with velcro bandage

ROWO 2 Cold and Hot Compresses (12x29cm )with velcro bandage

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for the localised, uniform and long-lasting therapy of acute injuries and complaints such as :

- muscle injuries

- Insert bites


for the localised, uniformand long-lasting therapy of chronic injuries and complaints such as:

- Muscular aches and pains

- For preparation before training

For cold therapy

Simply store the compress in the refrigerator so that it is always ready for use. 

For heat therapy

Heat up the compress in hot but not boiling water. You can also heat it up in the microwave (180 watt ) oven for three minutes at defrost setting. If it is still not hot enough, continue to microwave it for fifteen seconds at a time. Do not leave the compress unsupervised in the microwave. If the compress inflates, turn off the microwave immedaitely. Insert the compress in the enclosed cover before application.

Check the temperature of the compress with your hand before use.