ROWO Herbal Sports Gel Sole Agent for Aust and NZ

About us

Dalice Enterprise Pty Ltd is the Australia and NZ sole agent for ROWO Herbal Sports Gel and other rowo products manufactured by the Sporto-med group of companies. Founded in 1986, Sporto-med is based in Florsheim-Dalsheim in Germany and manufactures a range of high quality products under the brand name rowo. The company is one of the leading suppliers in the physiotherapy field in Germany.


All products produced by the Sporto-med group are manufactured according to the CE Certificate - a European quality standard for health products.


Dalice Enterprise Pty Ltd is currently increasing the range of other ROWO products in Australia. All products available on our website are for purchase on-line or direct phone orders. For wholesale enquiries, please contact us on 02 9988 3941. Thank you.